Mara Tissera Luna

Suggested Interview Topics


Five key elements to conducting research for advocacy


Employing participatory research in international cooperation


Examining protection issues through intersectionality and decoloniality


Providing intersectional solutions to protection issues in Latin America


Enhancing collaborations for contextually relevant responses

What are the challenges associated with traditional approaches to knowledge creation in international development?

Can you explain the alternatives to this traditional approach? How does this approach differ from traditional research methodologies?

Can you provide examples of organizations that have successfully implemented alternative approaches?

What steps are involved in a participatory research approach for advocacy and systemic change?

Could you share an example where participatory methods significantly influenced a project's outcome?

What are the most significant lessons you've learned from field research?

What does applying an intersectional approach to knowledge entail?

How do you integrate these values and approaches into your work in international development?

What is practice-oriented research, and why does it need disruption?

Talks and Media Appearances

TEDx talk “Find Clarity of Purpose in the World's Injustices”

Interview about child violence with the US-based broadcaster Univision

"Living Decoloniality" Podcast interview by Carla Vitantonio in collaboration with the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership

"Protecting displaced children's rights in Latin America" Podcast interview by the Migration & Diaspora Podcast by Homeland Advisory

Research for advocacy and systemic change with CDA Collaborative Learning Projects

🎙️🔥 Is The World On Fire? Podcast Interview by the Kroc School at the University of San Diego

Charla "Interseccionalidad y plataformas en línea migratorias"

Participación y representación de personas en situación de movilidad humana en ámbitos políticos - COLEF

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